West Coast Sports Solutions

West Coast Sports Solutions (281 – 169 – NPO) is dedicated to the development of sports through athlete management, staging sports events, and fundraising to helps underprivileged children and youths excel in any sport.

What we do:

1. Athlete career management:

Through a combination of coaching assistance and strategic entry of athletes, rugby, soccer or even golf players, swimmers into tournaments that will help them grow, WCSS strives to develop emerging sports talent, helping them lay the foundation for future sports careers.



2. Staging sports events:

From time to time, WCSS stages sports events – both on and off the field – not only for the advancement of sports in the West Coast region but also to acknowledge the achievements of sportsmen and sportswomen, present and past.

3. Fundraising:

Many promising athletes and players grow up in difficult financial situations. West Coast Sports Solutions is dedicated to helping disadvantaged sport talent by striving to secure sponsorships and crowdfunding to empower them to reach for their dreams, and attain their full potential.

So – what can YOU do?

On the one hand, you are welcome to contact us to tell us about talented athletes. On the other hand, you may want to have a look at the pages about sponsorships and fundraising to see how you can help – even if only by helping athletes by spreading the word.

Finally, please share this page with your friends on Facebook and/or other social platforms. Sport is a social issue, and – for many people – sport is what turns their lives around, or keeps them from going down the wrong road.

Your future is in your own hands, so follow your vision/dreams..


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