MALMESBURY:- With the few races currently offered by clubs and institutions, Swartland Athletics Club takes the initiative to inspire runners to run together.
Regardless of whether you or she is an athlete or not, everyone is welcome, says pastor Piet Smit, chairman of the relevant club. “So we get to know each other, learn something from each other and after that everyone is welcome to hang out together.” “Everyone also gets the chance to share feedback, give tips, or just chat,” the chairman said.

“This Saturday, June 25, 2022,  there is another such opportunity”

According to the pastor, the runs start at 07.45am at the Nuweplaas Padstal on the Riebeek River Road.  “It is a quiet road with a very nice environment and beautiful views along the road.
Each runner has the choice to walk or jog for 45 minutes, and then jog or walk back for 45 minutes. – everyone works on their own watch. “It’s not a competition, but a time to forge friendships, because doing it together is the most important thing.
“Everyone is welcome … unfit, beginners, hikers, club members and non-club members … So during school holidays, parents can bring their children along, and even invite non-club members ..” “Everyone should just take care and bring their own water to drink “,  the pastor emphasized.  “The Padstal will be open by the time we are all done, an ideal opportunity to enjoy something there and hang out together after the time. So it’s always very pleasant!

“Bring own water”

“Those who are going to be there that morning just need to give an indication of who is going to be present so we can know if we should wait for someone.” “Runners who can offer someone a transport opportunity, for any other person he / she knows has not been transported”, this would be sincerely appreciated, the pastor concluded, saying “I intend to arrive ahead of time (very short) to show the exercises that can make you strong.

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