WELLINGTON:- Please note that some of the yearly athletic events  have been cancelled, mostly due to lack of sponsorships.

Sadly, this is the reality of our time.

Please note that Boland Athletics has applied to our Local Authority to host a 10km Road Race at Dal Josaphat Stadium in Paarl on Saturday 16 July 2022. This event is open to all athletes, and it will double up as the 2022 Boland Athletics 10km Road Running Championships, to give Athletes a final opportunity to qualify for selection for a Boland Athletics 10km Team to the Athletics South Africa 10km Championships in Pretoria on Saturday 13 August 2022.

 1.      GENERAL

1.1. In selecting athletes to the SA Championships, priority will be given to the selection of athletes with the potential to qualify for IAAF World Championships Events and to win medals for Boland Athletics

1.2. Athletes will qualify for selection, provided that they have competed in the relevant Boland Athletics Road Running Championships.

1.3. Athletes, who were sick or injured during the relevant Boland Athletics Road Running Championships, will be considered for the relevant SA Road Running Championships, provided a medical certificate is submitted to Boland Athletics during or before the relevant Boland Athletics Championships.

2.      SPECIFIC

2.1. To be considered for selection onto a Boland Team to a National Championships, the athlete must achieve to times listed below.

2.2. For the team to the SA Marathon Championships, performances must be achieved during the past 12 months. For selection for SA Half-Marathon and SA 10km Championships, only performances at events listed on the BA Fixtures List will be considered for selection.






Junior Men 31:10:00
Junior Women 37:50:00
Senior Men 30:20:00 65:30:00 02:21:00
Senior Women 35:50:00 01:21:00 02:45:00
Master men 40+ 33:50:00 01:13:45 02:37:00
Master Women 40+ 39:50:00 01:30:00 03:00:00
Master Men 50+ 38:40:00 01:23:00 02:57:00
Master Women 50+ 44:45:00 01:42:00 03:25:00
Master Men 60+ 43:30:00 01:34:30 03:22:00
Master Women 60+ 50:45:00 01:56:00 03:52:00

2.3. Athletes who do not achieve the Qualifying Standards will be selected onto the Final Team at the discretion of the BA Executive Board. In doing this, the Board will take the following factors into consideration, in the specified priority order:

2.3.1. Potential for a medal or potential to end in the top 10.

2.3.2. Demographics of the team

2.3.3.       Development in general.

3.      APPEAL

3.1. An athlete not in the team announced, has the right to appeal in writing for reconsideration of the decision. The appeal must be made to the Boland Athletics office at office@bolandathletics.com within 48 hours after the announcement of the team.  The appeal should include all information the athlete considers relevant to the selection panel’s reconsideration of its decision.

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