A very great honour fell to West Coast Sports Solutions, (WCSS) based in Hopefield, in that we received sixty tickets to attend the U/20 Rugby World Cup Championships.

Picture – – Danie Craven Stadium – Stellenbosch

The following countries’ teams take part in the competition, France, Japan, Australia, Fiji, South Africa, Georgia, Argentina, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales and New Zealand.

We can attend any matches in the group phase with our tickets, a dream for any child or young person. It’s every young rugby player’s dream to see the Junior Boks in action, and we will be attending two matches where the “Green and Gold” will be playing.

Unfortunately, the tickets are free, but transportation is unfortunately not included. For that we need donations and sponsors to attend the Championships.  If we are going to be successful with a sponsor to pay for our transport, we are going to attend matches the next two days.

The opening match in the Danie Craven Stadium on 24th June in Stellenbosch, where the following matches will take place.

France vs Japan – 14 Hoo

 Australia vs Fiji – 16Hoo 30

 South Africa vs Georgia – 19Hoo

Our next visit will be at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town on July 04. where the following matches will take place in the beautiful stadium which has recently been upgraded.

 Australia vs England – 14H00

 France vs Wales   – 16H00 30

  South Africa vs Argentina – 19H00

However, the parents of each child who would like to be part of the guests are asked to pay R50. We want to use that money to spoil all the kids because they will be away from home all day.
However, we are asking businesses to support us in our effort to make a difference for our children. Therefore, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Even sharing our story, or sending it to businesses that can help, can make a big difference.

The business of any company that we will support will be featured on our website, as well as in reports on social media and print media.

If you are interested in making a donation, or want to sponsor our transport, you can send an email to

You can also call George April on 063 487 3657

West Coast Sports Solutions is invited to attend matches by JBC Foundation & Starter Rugby Academy in Cape Town.

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