A very sad day…

HOPEFIELD:- Our dream of helping Zain Benn, the 18-year-old disabled schoolboy from Worcester, with a room for his convenience, was broken.

We had to cancel our golf day in Worcester to our deepest regret. It is impossible to describe the disappointment.

Aside from Brenn-O-Kem Pharmacy who were willing to sponsor us, no other business was interested in helping us to make it happen.

As such, we could not continue with the golf day on 16 October 2021, which was a major setback for us. However, this is not going to hold us back from continuing to help other youth in need.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank Brenn-O-Kem Pharmacy in Worcester for their sponsorship of WCSS.  It seems they were the only people that believed in what we hoped to achieve for Zain and his family.

Our team is currently organizing a sports day with GetFitNation Cape Town and a Nursery School (NPO) in Darling

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