Athletes that have a passion for sports make them unique, viewing life through a competitive eye.  The desire to compete and their drive for success can mean, seeing friends, family, and school as distractions. Usually, the first thing for them to sacrifice is their spiritual life and school work.

And yet, God does not intend for athletes to do it alone.

The Dream

West Coast Sports Solutions ( Registration number 281 – 169 – NPO ) concentrate largely on rural athletes who have a passion for succeeding on, and even off the sports grounds.  And that include all sports, not only athletics.

However, the dream and goal is to help parents with their talented children. Many parents struggled when their child rises on, for example the athletic track,  because it mostly comes with a financial burden. There are sports outfits, transport, and other additional expenses for the athlete.


Our Vision

We are a few passionate adults who want to make a difference with sports in a child’s life. We also want to become more involved in rural sports development.

To achieve our goal, we have to become involved with sports clubs, NGO organizations, nursery schools, church organizations, or any club involved with children. It is our dream to help make a difference through sports in the following municipalities, Swartland, Saldanha Bay, Berg River, Cederberg, and Matzikama regions.

ALSO:- In every community there are those who left an imprint in their efforts to uplift the community, showing their talent in sport. . Ironically, they usually don’t even realize it, and usually expect nothing in return for their good deeds. Our vision is to give recognition to those former old-players, men and woman.

We feel that constructive community leaders should be acknowledged. Not only for what they have done in the past, but also for what they still mean to their communities – especially the younger  generation.                                                                           


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