Champion also practicing

World sports are slowly but surely returning to normal.

Sports such as rugby, football, and athletics are currently already underway in the northern hemisphere of the world. However, there is still uncertainty when we can hold the luxury of sporting events here in South Africa, or attend. According to media reports, the Premier League and many other leagues football matches start within two weeks

When it comes to athletics, there are still many questions, while There are speculations of small events that could start in October. With all the speculation about when we can return to normal, there are several options for athletes.

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise to get fit and ready to participate in major events. Abigail, the current U/16 SA Cross-Country athlete, is also busy practicing to get fit.

Her dream to also win the U/17 SA title suffered a shipwreck with the coronavirus. On top of that, the talented athlete has also started making her mark on the athletics track this 2020 athletics season.

It was especially in the 1500m race in which she showed her talent in the 1500m for girls U/17 and U/19. It was in March 2020, on the Dal Josafat athletics track, when she qualified for the ASA event. The event, like all other events, also suffered a shipwreck before the global virus epidemic.

Abigail has the ability to become one of the best as an athlete, therefore the temporary sports break to participation is also a good rest period. Supporters of the athlete can therefore rest assured, the best of the Darling athlete is still to come.

West Coast Sports Solutions is currently planning for Abigail, to be able to take part in a race in November/December 2020, which will possibly take place then.

More information can unfortunately not be released right now.

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