In the past month, I have often written stories on our NPO’s website about children/teenagers who are looking for financial help to practice their sport. It’s not a joke, I am contacted daily by parents to write stories, for help for their talented children.


Unfortunately, I can’t fulfill every request, although I wouldn’t mind doing so. We are currently in the middle of the school athletics season, and the big competitions are all domestic. These are expenses for transport, accommodation and of course expenses for sports equipment.
We will have to face the reality  if we are going to think that all parents can afford it.
It’s easy to write the story, but it’s another story to just believe that help will flow in. That is why today, as founder and chairman of West Coast Sports Solutions, I want to ask (beg) that businesses should consider advertising their businesses on our website.


It’s currently R600 per year, which is a pittance against any platform that seeks payment to advertising..
We only want to use the income to help disadvantaged children with their sport, not to make money.  I share all stories I wrote on various social platforms, so your business will definitely be able to reach a potential client.
But most importantly, you can be part of helping a child make something of his life.
This past weekend, a 7-year-old daughter from Hopefield won a chess competition in her age group in Van Rhynsdorp. The previous Saturday she achieved the same in a competition in Malmesbury.

This past Saturday she qualified to participate in a SA chess competition very soon. A teacher with a “golden heart” pays the daughter, and also some of the other children’s expenses. When I heard the story, I couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately, the parents cannot keep up with the enormous expenses that come with the children’s sports. The teacher does it with love and doesn’t mind paying the expenses.
It’s the second teacher who does this for our children, so why can’t we do the same?


If you have a business and want to make a difference together with WCSS and the teachers, advertise on our page. Here is an example of an advertisement on our page. 
Feel free to call the businessman and ask if our platform makes a difference to his business.
Any questions, feel free to send an email to Pieter Prins to

Pieter is also the builder of our website, and is currently upgrading it.

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