Hopefield is the only town on the West Coast that has never had a football club, but some boys’ dreams are to play football.

Boetie Max holds the ball, donated by Karen Reynolds of Mamre, following a call for help on social media.

Karen Reynolds, originally from Mamre, has now lived in Hopefield for less than two years,  immediately responded to a call for help for balls on Facebook.  No one from the community has responded to our cry for help so far, and perhaps that is understandable.  In the community there are two rugby clubs, although it is the dream of many talented boys to play football. I am asking anyone again today, if you are interested in accommodating our children for Christmas, donate a soccer ball to West Coast Sports Solutions.

Our children wander aimlessly on the streets, and are criticized when they do drugs, alcohol or negative things.  The kids are boring, and no one truly realizes the difference sports can make in a child’s life. We have a very small community of about 4000 inhabitants, but the number of Primary School children who do not go to school is a cause for concern.

Pienaar Nthotso, from Vredenburg, who stays in Hopefield during the week, agreed to teach the boys the finer arts of football for free. But he asked for more balls, because the suens must first be taught ball skill..
If you want to do good for a child you don’t know, please buy a soccer ball for West Coast Sports Solutions. And we is thankful to Karen Reynolds, we appreciate her gift, it can change a child’s life for the positive.

If you are not from Hopefield and would like to donate a ball, please do so. I will then arrange for the ball to be picked up from you.

Call:- 067 074 5040

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