Leander Pholman is destined to compete with the best athletes in South Africa, if he continues to improve his times with each athletics competition he participates in, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

The keen athlete from Langebaan is busy becoming a household name on the athletic field.


On Thursday 23 February 2023, at the Elsen schools athletics competition  at the Daljosafat stadium in Paarl, he once again underlined how good he really is.

At the age of only 16 years, he wins all the  items in which he participates.  First the 400m in 51.47 seconds, and then the 800m in 2.04 seconds.  Leander finished his day by also winning the high jump for boys U/17 at a height of 1.87m.
It was also on the same track where he smashed the Elsen Schools 400 meters and high jump records for boys U/17 in 2022.
A few weeks later he became the 400m SA champion in Germiston, and two days later he earned gold in the 800m race.
Ironically, he then won the 800m race in Germiston in 2.58 seconds.  His time improved drastically, which is just proof of how he is developing as an athlete.


He had to change schools in the middle of the athletics season last year, because his parents could not cover all his financial expenses.  He was transferred from Riebeek West Special School to the West Coast Special School in Saldanha Bay.  We have many children like this boy in our communities, who with lack of finances, do not really reach heights.  We at West Coast Sports Solutions regularly try to help kids like this boy.

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