“She’s very passionate about her sport, she’s willing to work hard because she knows, to be successful she has to be willing to make sacrifices.” 


The new South African Kickboxing Champion,  Skeigh-lee Jenecker

 The 17-year-old Skeigh-lee Jenecker, Grade 12 pupil from Vredenburg High School is now realizing her vision and dream.  This girl has been included in the SA National team, which will participate in the Junior World Kickboxing Championship. This prestigious competition will be held from September 30 to October 9 in Venice, Italy.”, her mother proudly said.



 “Skeigh-Lee has always been very passionate about her sport, and in addition to kickboxing, she also participates in athletics – cross country and netball” “She joined the Vredenburg Kickboxing Club a few years ago, and has since won many trophies and medals.” It has also become a habit that she always brought home a gold trophy, whenever she participated in competitions “. “Before receiving national colors, she had already boasted the West Coast Kickboxing Championship and the Western Cape Kickboxing Championship titles in her division”.  “Sleigh-Lee’s big dream of being selected for the SA team came true when she participated in the SA kickboxing championship. This competition took place from 12 to 15 May 2022 at the Diaz Beach Resort in Mossel Bay”. In addition to silver, she also won gold, which brought her the coveted national kickboxing title in her division “.




“I do not just want to, I go there to win for South Africa, I want to bring back the GOLD and I am determined to win everyone in my divisions,” said the SA champion confidently. “Skeigh-Lee went on to say,” on my return to my country,  I hope to inspire YOUNG South African children by campaigning for the sport and showing them that dreams can come true! ” “I am the highest South African in my division, and it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to represent South Africa on such a large international platform, and to showcase true South African talent. “.

According to Natasha, her daughter’s dream will only come true if South Africans go to support her financially.


 “Although she especially wants to represent her hometown Vredenburg and the entire west coast, she is also very proud to finally represent the whole of South Africa”, Natasha said. “I’m super proud of my daughter’s achievements, and she’s the only one in our family to ever reach International level, to achieve her Protea National colors.  “Unfortunately, she is without the support of the government, as far as funding is concerned, but I as a mother (on top of that unemployed) have to rely on her to help her achieve her goals and dreams. “Therefore, we relying on the help of public and business, to help complete her dream”

“She will also have to increase her focus on exercises in the coming months, and we will try not to make her worry about the economic stress that comes with financing these dreams.

“For these reasons, I approached West Coast Sports Solutions to help us make my daughter’s dream come true.” “With the necessary support and confidence, Skeigh-Lee can become World Champion, in the toughest and biggest kickboxing competition in the world,” the mother said.


Anyone who wants or can help the daughter can contact her mother Natasha Jenecker on Cell/whatsapp 062 077 8926  Natasha  will also provide the necessary bank details if you would like to make a contribution.

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