O/19 – 7’s Heritage Rugby Challenge

West Coast Sports Solutions is dedicated to the development of sports through athlete management, staging sports events, and fundraising to help disadvantaged athletes and players.

Since this organization was founded, the demand from parents, sporty children and teenagers for financial help has grown tremendously. Our team at WCSS is working overtime to meet all needs. That’s why we decided to hold a 7’s rugby day on Heritage weekend to raise funds. Because we go the extra mile to support teenagers, we decided on a U/19 competition.

It will also be the first such competition on the West Coast region.

If everything goes according to plan,  It will take place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September at the Ronnie Louw Sports Grounds in Hopefield.  We are already inundated with teams that want to participate, so we are not going to open the competition for entries now.  However, we can guarantee that it will not simply be a “walk over” competition.

But, in order to host the competition, we need funds, donations and sponsors to successfully host the competition. If you as a business are interested in being involved, you can send an email to: admin@wcsportssolutions.co.za

If any kind-hearted individual wants to help us make a difference for the kids, any small donation making our 7’s competition a success, would be awesome…. 

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