DURBANVILLE:- Daiman Deagan Titus (18y)  from Mamre is definitely a hard-working teenager athlete, who knows where he wants to end up as a sports personality one day

Picture below:-  In the photo is the boys U/19 relay team from Durbanville High School, who won gold at the North Zone Championships,  from left to right: Rico Minnie, Daiman Titis, Jevon Thomas en Cole Boyes

This student from Durbanville High School’s sporting achievements sounds like a fairy tale. That this boy has enormous sporting talent is certain, and he makes proper use of his talent.  Not only is he brilliant in athletics, he is also a promising rugby player.  In 2017, he was selected as his school’s rugby team’s “sportsman of the year”.  It’s just a title that any sports personality receives, if he/she is purposeful, have team spirit, enduring, spirited and has relationship etiquette. Talent is a gift from God, but it still takes a lot of hard work, to achieve what any hard-working sports personality can or wants to achieve.

Born with exceptional talentAthletics 2017

Pella Moravian Primary  School Athletics Championships

Boys U/ 13 100m: 1st place – Gold

Boys U/ 13 200m: 1st place – Gold

Boys U/ 13 4x100m Relay: 1st place – Gold

WP MNED Primary School District Championship

Boys U/ 13 100m: 1st place – Gold

Boys U/ 13 200m: 1st place – Gold

WP Primary School Championship District (SWD, Boland & WP)

Boys U/ 13 200m: 3rd place – Bronze

Boys U/ 13 4x100m Relay: 1st place – Gold

SASA National Primary Schools Field & Track Championship (Potchefstroom)

Boys U/13 200m: Heat – 2nd place 00:24:66

Boys U/13 200m: Semi-Final – 2nd place 00:24:16

Boys U/13 200m: Final – 4th place 00:24:18

Rugby 2017
Interprovincial U/13 Rugby Trials

DHL – WP U/13 Cravenweek team: -. Left wing

Picture above:- Daiman already showed his love for sports at an early age as a little boy.

Special Awards

Circuit 10 Athletics Excellence Award:

Outstanding Track and Field Achievement – Western Cape Athletics

Pella Moravian Primary School: – Sportsman of the Year Award

Trophy for Rugby:  – Position Left Wing


Durbanville High School

WP High School Championship

Boys U/ 14 100m: 2nd place

SilverBoys U/14 200m: 2nd place – Silver

Boys U/ 14 4x100m Relay: 1st Place – GOLD

Boys U/ 14 100m: 1st place – Gold

Boys U/ 14 200m: 1st place – Gold

Boys U/ 14 4x100m Relay: 1st Place – Gold

Western Cape High School Athletics Championships (SWD, Boland & WP)

Boys U/ 14 200m: 2nd place – Silver

Rugby 2018

Boys U / 14 Sevens Finalist – Trophy Final: Position Left Wing.

Special Awards

Durbanville High School: Junior Full Colors for Athletics

Daiman was selected for the Official Western Cape team and took part in the SA Championships competition.

Athletics 2019: – Durbanville High School

National Secondary Schools and MID Championships

Boys U/ 15 100m: 6th place. 00:11:35

Boys U/ 15 200m: 4th place. 00:22:42

Boys U/ 15 4x100m Relay: 3rd place – Bronze

Rugby 2019

Boys U/ 15 A-Team: – Durbanville High School – Left Wing

Athletics 2020

WP High School Champions

Durbanville High School Gold Cup  boys U/19 relay team winners for 2022, with their coash and supporters with their winning  North Zone Championships winning trophies.

Boys U/17 100m: 3rd place – Bronze

WP Northern Zone Championships

Boys U/17 100m – 3rd place

Boys U/17  4 @ 100m Relay – 1st place

WP Schools champion in 100m and 200m

SA silver medal winner 100m and bronze in 4 @ 100 relay. 

He boasts a personal best time of 10.54s in the 100m and 21.64s in the 200m.Picture above:- Behind every successful athlete or any sports personality stands a successful coach.  Here is the Mamre athlete, with is coach Taswill Adams.

Picture below:- Daiman was invited to participate on Wednesday 23 March 2022 in the ASA Grant Prix at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.  And the champion also did not disappoint, because two days before his 18th birthday, he  finishing 3rd ( closest to the camera on picture) in the 100m for seniors U/25 years.

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Message from the WCSS team: – This young man, who’s birthday is on March 25, is definitely an inspiration for many young children, teenagers and young people. He uses the gift God has given him to his best…. …… he proves, there is more to life than drugs, alcohol abuse or teenage pregnancies.
Each of us is born with a talent, sports or academics, what you or she makes of it, depends on yourself….!!!

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