West Coast Sports Solutions has been invited and received 60 tickets to attend the World Cup Rugby U/20 matches from JBC Foundation & Starter Rugby Academy in Cape Town.

It was definitely one of the biggest surprises for the year 2023 for our team, because not many people actually know about our existence. We are the only organization in the countryside to receive the honour, which makes it all the more appreciated. Unfortunately, the tickets are free, but we still have to pay the transport costs. At the moment, attendance at matches does not look very rosy, due to the expenses associated with transport.

Last Saturday, three rugby players from Vredenburg and among others Hopefield got the opportunity to participate in the opening matches of the world cup championships at the Danie Craven in Stellenbosch.  They were taken because our organization is currently trying to generate funds for them for their rugby tour to England in September.

Although we have been announcing the free tickets for more than a month, no one at Hopefield has shown interest yet. We did receive inquiries from organizations outside of Hopefield who would like to take advantage of the opportunity to attend matches. To ease costs for us, we charge R100 per pupil, if we do not receive the necessary donations or sponsors.

If you as a South African citizen or an overseas visitor are interested in supporting our efforts, a minimal amount of even R10 will make a huge difference. The matches we are interested in attending are in the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town on July 04.

The following matches will take place in the beautiful stadium which has recently been upgraded.

Australia vs England – 14H00

France vs Wales – 16H00 30

South Africa vs Argentina – 19H00

 If you can afford to make a contribution, our bank details are as follows:




Account no. 63057871585

Branch code: – 200311

There is also great excitement, after West Coast Sports Solutions received permission from Boland Rugby Union, to host an U/19 sevens competition at Hopefield.  The purpose of that competition, which will be presented over two days, is precisely to collect funds for the organization.  That’s why every penny you donate, will be used for a good course and greatly appreciated…

Businesses are also asked to advertise on our website, at a minimal amount of R1000 per year.
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