HOPEFIELD:- We are currently planning to hold a day of football in Hopefield, as soon as the club rugby season comes to an end.



The thought took place, after a football club from Vredenburg approached us to play a few matches at Hopefield. This small town is unfortunately the only town on the west coast that has no football teams, although players have been kicking the round ball around on the street, or on the sports field for years.  Even Langebaan with less citicens has two football clubs, with one of the club’s chairmen also interested in playing in Hopefield against any team.  It means, in the football day, unfortunately, teams from other towns will give each other the head to head, and we hope this will change the mindset of our town’s young  players.

From this week, two coaches will also be on the Ronnie L:ouw Sport Grons every day from 5pm to teach children.  Unfortunately, they are only looking for children from 10yrs to 15yrs to learn the skills. Like three years ago, the team will also be given the opportunity to play against other teams in other towns. A team from Vredenburg would like to have the first opportunity to have their shockers play at Hopefield. Exercises start Thursday


However, to introduce the sport, we are therefore looking for clubs from the Boland or even on the Cape Flats, to come and support us.  The football day is planned for October, but it could also be later in the year.
Any football club that is interested playing in Hopefield,  please contact me on 067 074 5040 (Sell/whatsapp), to start a discussed, or send an email to please.
Businesses interested in supporting us, we need soccer balls, and if possible,  prices for the day please.  In exchange for any sponsor, the business gets lifelong advertising corner on West Coast Sports Solutions.

Advertising on our website, the best platform, and  it’s only R500 a year (promotion price) If interesting, send a email to

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