Elandsfontein Phosphate mine and Hopefield Spar have ensured that the community’s children can live out their dream, seeing the Junior Springboks playing  live rugby.

Monica Swartz, a member of the West Coast Sports Solutions management sit next to four teens on Athlone stadium.

West Coast Sports Solutions, (NPO) Non Profit Organization on Hopefield, would like to take this opportunity to thank various people from businesses and organizations for an opportunity that was created for our youth.
Firstly to Russell Carelse from JBC Foundation NPC from Cape Town who donated 60 tickets to WCSS. This was for attending any U/20 world cup rugby matches that are coming to an end this week.  Our team decided to attend the game of the Junior Bokkies in Athlone. However, WCSS also attended an opening match with three boys from Hopefield and Vredenburg respectively, at the Danie Craven Stadium in Stellenbosch. This was in the hope of obtaining donations for the boys, who will be able to play rugby in England and Wales from the end of September until 9 October.

The hope was disappointed, because after several attempts no donations could be found.  This caused one of the boys to hear his tour cut short this weekend.  Although sad, it did not affect the 18-year-old son of Vredenburg ideal, to continue and practice his favorite sport.
To make Hopefield children’s dream come true, a sponsor had to be obtained urgently to get the youngsters to the Athlone Stadium.  Thanks to Malcolm May, Liaison Officer at Elandsfontein Phosphate Mine, the transport problem was solved.

Some of the youngsters and ons of our manager members standing outside Hopefield Spar, before hit the road to Cape Town.

And at the request from WCSS to Hopefield Spar’s owner, there was more than enough soft drinks for the road.
Unfortunately, nothing could be taken into the pavilion, but this did not deter the young team.  They made sure that they often walked out the gates,   for a cool-drink or other treats that were available.
Other friendships were also built that could benefit our youth in the future.  Dawid Hartnick, sports organizer of the Botrivier Junior rugby players were also invited by JBC Foundation to the World Cup U/20 matches.   Although each player had to pay R40 to attend the event, the full team was at the Athlone Stadium.

David Hartnick (left) standing here with some of his Botrivier rugby team members, before leaving for Athlone stadium

According to Hartnick,  a retired teacher, he decided to continue and help the children to play sports.  “Sport keeps the children away from drugs, alcohol and other negative obstacles on their way”, he said.  That’s exactly why WCSS, like JBC Foundation’s Russel Carelse, believes that friendship ties between the various organizations are of crucial importance for youth sports development.
“Remember to invite us to your U/19 Hopefield  7’s Rugby tournament that you are planning for September”, were the Sport Organizer from Botrivier’s parting words to WCSS management.

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