Tutor Ed – Classes are temporarily cancelled

Western Cape matric candidates did extremely poorly in the 2023 curriculum year, and moreover did a percentage worse than the previous year.
It is because of this concern that we came together as a team, and decided to find an alternative to help the matric students in the future to improve their marks. We first had to identify the problem because they are doing worse, and this is our opinion.
1) In some classes there are up to 30 learners, and during question time everyone certainly cannot be accommodated by the teacher.
2) Because the teacher does not have enough time to pay attention to questions, that a pupil does not understand.
3) In many cases, a learner also does not understand a sentence, but is too afraid or shy to ask.
4) The question might sound ridiculous to the other learners, because everyone is not on the same intelligence platform.
5) Some learners are again too shy to ask questions in front of a bunch of learners, and it could even be a psychological problem.
Luxury of your home
With what we as the Tutor Ed team have in mind, up to 99% of learners will benefit. Asking a question will not put any pressure on the learner, because he or she can sit in the comfort of their home or even in their bedroom. Moreover, none of his own classmates will know who asked the question. And that same question could also be what hundreds of other learners struggle with.
This is one of the advantages that the online process has for the matric year student.
Another big advantage.
Many learners prefer to sit at home and do their homework, and not in a library, a hall or for example with a friend who might be able to help with difficult questions. With Tutor Ed, the student can listen to other questions and answers, which can be even more helpful to the learner.
Although the matric curriculum will be followed, the teacher/s will concentrate on the questions of pupils, and explanations on questions will be first priority.
This means, the teacher/es are not going to concentrate on an individual, because they are not going to present a class.
How online classes will be done:- classes will be offered via zoom network, one hour a day.
Mondays:- Afrikaans
Tuesdays:- Mathematics
Wednesdays:- Science
Thursdays:- Mathematics
Fridays:- English
Registered your child
Provisional time of broadcast will be 15hoo, with rebroadcast starting 16.h30..
The rebroadcast will be done to overcome load shedding which will definitely have an impact. Two different math teachers will be used, to bring more quality to the table. Apart from English on Fridays, all classes will be taught in Afrikaans.
For the first three months, only 100 pupils will be able to be accommodated, and this will amount to R300 a month per pupil. Parents who are interested should therefore register their children as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.
It is also intended to offer other subjects such as reading and sports programmes, but only as soon as we are familiar with the needs of the respective subjects.
Tutor Ed wants to bring back the pride of the Western Cape, so that pupils can do better than in 2023, and all previous years.  Before the end of March, parents who join can get to know the teachers online, which is of course also very important.
Parents can be assured that any child will definitely benefit from this help matric class.
We at Tutor Ed believe that with education, you are entering a dream future.
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