Sponsorships are about more than just supporting a cause. When done correctly, they are also about exposure for your business – and in this case, exposure over a rather wide area.

While we do appreciate all sponsorships, we try to make it worthwhile to all of our sponsors – because we aim to maintain long term sponsorship agreements.

We can offer multiple forms of exposure for our sponsors. Each individual agreement is negotiated and tailored to best suit your company’s needs.

These are the available sponsor advertising options:

  1. Advertising on athletes’ clothing, including their running clothes and track suits.
  2. Your logo on pictures from events, posted on social media and the WCSS blog. Plus an additional picture with a short advertisement in every carousel/collage/album uploaded by us.
  3. Rotating advertisements are placed at the bottom of all news articles, as well as the home page of the website. Every time a new page is opened, whether by a current visitor or a new one, a different advertisement is displayed.
  4. At events we organise ourselves, banner advertising space is also available. Sponsors will also be mentioned in pre-event advertising in print and on social media. These include both track events and evening events.
  5. After events we organise ourselves, print news coverage of the events will include mentions of the main sponsors.

In conclusion:

You can choose to sponsor a specific athlete/s for a set period, or you can choose to sponsor the organization. Lastly, you can sponsor specific events.  All of these options come with a measure of exposure – whether it be physical, on social media or in print, or a combination of any or all options.

Talk to us – let’s work out a package deal that works for you and for us.

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Thank you.

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