Her dream is to complete her College career, after having to give up last year after only three weeks due to financial expenses.

Her dream is to go back to college.

Regardless of her achievements on the athletics tracks,  she could not get a job anywhere in Darling after she finished her school career.  It is for these reasons that she very much wants to complete her college career.   According to Jolene Esterhuisen, her daughter threw in her CV for work everywhere in Darling, without any success.   The only work she can get, was working in the grape vineyard on the farm where she and her family lives.

Proud farm child with her U/16 South African Cross Country Championship winners trophy and medals in 2021

These are the reasons why she is determined to go to College in Malmesbury next year.  However, this can only remain a dream, because her parents, who are themselves farm workers, will not be able to help their daughter financially.

Abigail is a former U/15 and U/16 South African Elsen Schools Cross Country Champion

Teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse are a social problem among teenagers, and Abigail refuses to throw her future away like that.

It is for these reasons that today I am asking South Africans and good hearted friends abroad, as the founder and chairman of the organization, to help us to help this young lady to reach her dream.  Abigail  will need funds to drive from the farm to Darling in the mornings and afternoons.  Because she will no longer be able to work, she will also have other personal expenses.

Abigail and brother Greyton Esterhuisen enjoying the practice running around the school field in Riebeeck West in 2021….

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