Big companies and football clubs interested in helping us, we would like to establish a football club in our rural town, where recreation for young people is a luxury.

I was born and bred here in Hopefield, and have been involved in my community for years as someone trying to help others. I’m the founder of West Coast Sports Solutions, and the goal is sports development. However, we live in a dark time, where everything has become affordably expensive.  Businesses are struggling to make a living because of the pandemic, and that’s understandable.  But I also know that there is someone out there, who will be able to help us set up a football club.

In the last few months, I have been regularly contacted by a senior member of a football club in Vredenburg, to arrange matches in my town..  They have junior and senior teams, and they really want to come and play at Hopefield.  Hopefield  is also the only town on the west coast, that does not have a soccer club.   On the contrary, only rugby is played here on weekends, because there are only two senior rugby clubs here.

These photo (below) were taken almost five years ago, when Vredenburg Sport and Recreation hosted a football day for children at the Ronnie Louw Sport Grounds in Hopefield.


To arrange a football day in Hopefield where teams from Cape Town (junior and senior teams) – will play against West Coast teams. Because we have outfits for a Hopefield U/15 team, to have them play against a team from Vredenburg on the same day. We even have the luxury of two coaches who stand ready to coach the kids in soccer.

I have a set of sweaters, shorts and socks (sponsored by a community organization from Langebaan) for the kids. Our coaches tried to coach the kids, and it went very well, the first few days. However, children began to stay away from exercises, and we found they were discouraged by parents. That was almost four years ago, (everything has changed in the meantime, because the gap for another sport like football is still there. The whole idea is to attract the seniors – to join the club. But there should be jerseys for the seniors, which will definitely increase the interest.
However, we are going to be strict, in that players will first have to join the club to become paid members. Because they also need to be coached first and understand the rules, before they will be able to play in the jerseys.

However, because clubs outside Hopefield are willing to play here, even if they have to play against other teams, we are determined to set up a club. The name FC Hopefield is already registered, and all that is left is for the senior’s players to come on board. But we are also willing to change names, if we get a sponsor that sets that condition.

Picture below:- Maybe nice memories from almost five years ago, but these boys still ask on a regular basis, when can they play football again?


To realize everything, we need a sponsor who can sponsor the jerseys for us. We also need balls and goal cages, but the latter can be brought by the municipality from Vredenburg to Hopefield for  the time being, until the club is financially strong enough to buy. That’s if we can not get a sponsor for it.  However, it is the jerseys that we urgently need to cultivate interest in a football club.


Here are two different teams that regularly practice soccer, but there has never really been anyone who has arranged for football to start here as a sport. We have two senior rugby teams, and many adults believe that football will not be played here. Precisely because of this negative view, people will continue to believe that football does not belong on Hopefield.


We have a special page on our website, where sponsors’ contributions are recognized. And because I also post stories almost daily on that I receive, there is of course enough exposure for the sponsors. I share the stories on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social platforms. I have also been a freelance writer for media24 and many independent newspapers for over 28 years, so I know how to get businesses recognized on media platforms.  Of course, your billboards can also be set up next to the sports fields, should you so desire.

Any company or club willing to help, contact me on email: – or send a whatsapp to: – 067 074 5040 George April – Founder of West Coast Sports Solutions

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