LANGEBAAN:- Strandloper Athletic Coach Clive Cupido won three medals at the annual South African Masters Athletics Championships (SAMA) at Pilditch in Pretoria from 5 to 7 May 2022.

Langebaan Strandlopers athlete Leander Pholman and coach and athlete Clive Cupido.

While Cupido’s athlete, Leander Pholman became the U/17 Elsen South African Champion in the 400m and a gold winner in the 800m in Germiston.  Cupido won a silver for the 400m in a time of (1.01,19),  Gold in the 800m in a time of (2.18.92,) and in the 1500m.   “I also finished in a time of (4.50 .11 ) in the 1500m and also achieves a height of 2m and pole vault,” told Cupid, clearly proud of himself and his athlete.
Leander,  his athlete, finished with a personal best time of 1 58.2  in the 800m, and 50.5 in the 400m.  And according to Cupido,  “Leander has a lot of potential, and he is one of the athletes we should be looking at in the future”.
Both coache and athlete work very hard to keep their body fit and healthy.  According to the coach, proper warm-up, running technique, stretching, trail running, interval, speed, aerobic anaerobic, core, swimming and cooling, are just a few of the tools used to keep your body in good shape.  “Socializing and interacting with friends and family is a critical key component, to ensure that any athlete/player/team has a positive mental attitude.

Above, Clive Cupido runs at the SAMA on the Pilditch track in Pretoria.

According to Clive, he and the Strandloper coaching team always encourage athletes to: –

1. Run their own race, not someone else’s race.
2. If you have improved your previous time, you have reached your goal for that day.
“Running barefoot ensures that you use the maximum amount of muscle to propel the body forward”, the coach ensure me..
“Our Strandlopers track team is currently running in the ASA West Coast Cross Country competition, to build strength and stamina during the winter season,” Cupido explained.  According to the SA coach of the year, athletics is an activity of 365 days a year, and a strict discipline code is required.

“Whatever the athlete puts in, he or she will get it out again.” “Running is a team sport and support and good family structure and support definitely helps a lot in promoting an athlete’s progress,” Cupido said seriously. The Strandlopers thank families and friends who support these two members on social media, as well as financially.

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