Leander Pholman Sportsman of the Year – 2022/23

Letter to support Leander Pholman “Sportsman of the Year with a Disability in 2022/2023”

This letter is to endorse Leander Pholman as an outstanding athlete not just in athletics but as a Professional, self-driven, disciplined and highly organized athlete, considering the few races he has competed in.

Leander Pholman has been blessed with both speed and endurance.

His athletics – Leander  has participated on the track and achieved the following results during Inter-schools, Boland, Western Province, and in the South Africa Nationals. The athlete also became a South African record holder in 2023, when he broke an existing 400 meter record.

(ELSEN).  Interschool’s George 

Winning Gold in first three items.

200 m                  24.00 s

400m                   52.00

800m                  2.05.03s

High jump          1.85m / Boys U/17

Boland Elsen Championships – 23 – 25 February 2023

He became Boland Champion in the  three first items…

200 meter race – 23.6 seconds

400 meter race – 54.3 s

800 meter race – 2.05.8 s

H/jump    –  1.90m

Western Cape Elsen Championships – Date 17 – 18 March 2023 in Paarl.

High Jump – 1.75m

800m –  1.59.56s.                           WC Elsen Champion

400m – 50.67s                                 WC Elsen Champion

South African National Elsen Championships – Germiston   – Date: 17 to 18 March 2023

800m   – 2.00.95        U/17 SA Elsen Champion

400m  – 49.55            U/17 SA Elsen Champion

Leander  become also the new South African Elsen record holder in the 200meter race with his time of 49.55 seconds

Rugby – ELSEN U/18

Leander is part of the under 18 1st team and he’s position is left wing. Those far for the year he scored 7 tries and he also competed till the 3rd round of the Boland LSEN trials. He is a good team player and, on every game, he develops as a better player.

Rugby Coach: Gerhard Ehlers

Leander Pholman is not only an excellent athlete, he has also set an example for his fellow athletes at West Coast Special Needs School. Members get along well with peers and fellow athletes.

Leander’s athletic achievements currently surpass his 2023 times, and as soon as I receive them I will publish them.

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