VREDENBURG:- It is not easy for anyone in our country’s economic circumstances to lend a hand for financial aid.

But there are still people out there who care, and will understand why it is sometimes necessary to help, regardless of your own circumstances. In this case, Skeigh-lee Jenecker, a 17-year-old girl, a a rising athlete from Vredenburg, needs the help of the public and businesses alike. But why would you care? After all, every day there is someone who needs financial support. As a freelance reporter, I wrote for several newspapers in the 29 years … writing thousands of stories.

As everyone knows, I have a special place for our youth and young people.  Crime in  this  country has left everyone discouraged; drugs are destroying our children and young people. Everyone complains about it daily, hourly, especially on social media. But what do we do to help, to support our youth?  When I got the story of this kid to write, I knew what our kids really needed. They need role models like this 17 year old girl, but she in turn needs the man on the street to put her in that role.

Let us not fail her too, as with many other children who, like her, also wanted to make a difference. Let’s support her, even if you just give R1 – because every cent counts.  If you/she can or want to make a contribution, please call her mother Natasha on 062 077 8926  for details. It’s sad, but if you want to give any small amount, you can deposit it into Natasha’s account please.
Capitec savings: – MS N Jenecker Account no: – 1895532807



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