Ronnie Louw Rugby Day – Exposure opportunity

WCSS plans a rugby-day for Saturday September 23 on the Ronnie Louw Sports Grounds  in Hopefield, in remembrance of a late local hero – Ronnie Louw. 

Louw was arguably the best rugby player ever to come from Hopefield, and is still considered to be the best fullback ever that played for the Proteas back in the day.  As such, the local rugby field is named after him.

He played in matches against international touring teams, including the All Blacks, the British Lions, and SA Invitational Teams.  At the beginning of his rugby career, he worked in Paarl and started playing for the Albion’s WP rugby club.  He soon became very popular, quickly moving up into the Western Province and Boland Invitational teams and from there into the Proteas team.

How does this concern you?

The Ronnie Louw rugby day is aimed at acquiring funds to promote youth sports, both in Hopefield and in other West Coast District towns.  Aside from mentions on our website and – where possible – in the media, sponsors can also expect exposure next to the field, in full view of the crowd.

What will the event be like?

Firstly, the first- and second teams from Western Province club teams will compete against club teams from the Boland region (we expect to add more teams along the way).

As you would expect, Ronnie’s old club, the Albion’s, will be competing in the main game of the day. We are currently planning for Albions to play a Hopefield combined team, made up of players from our local clubs, Hopefield RFC and Universals RFC.

Secondly, it is expected to be a long day, starting in the morning with teams from schools in the area, and culminating in the final game in the evening.  There is also a strong possibility that school teams from Paarl will play against west coast school teams. (Negotiations are currently ongoing.) In a town where not much else ever happens, this is sure to attract quite a crowd, and not only Hopefield residents.  Our entire planning is also aimed at this rugby day becoming an annual institution.

So why are YOU reading this?

It may be to our mutual benefit for you to become involved as a sponsor. Aside from travel expenses for the teams, we also need to provide trophies, and jerseys for the combined home team (Negotiations with home teams still to materialize) and the invitation team (Albions form Paarl, Ronnie’s old club).

Can we talk, and see how we can make that happen?

If interested, please send us a email to


Thank you

George April

Chairperson/Founder – West Coast Sports Solutions


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